1.  Apply for student/registry eligible membership.
• Complete the Student/Registry Eligible

CACPT Individual Membership Form

• E-Mail proof of education level attained (certificate and/or official transcript from the educational institution) to the Education Chair at
• Once your application form has been submitted you will be re-directed to the shop page on the CACPT website where the application fee for CACPT of $50.00 can be paid.

2.  Acceptance as student/registry eligible member
• The Education Chair will notify the individual of the result of the application.
If accepted, the individual will be a student/registry eligible member when the $80.00 student dues are paid.
• When the student dues are paid, the student member will be given further information about the registry exam.

3.  Preparing for the Registry Exam.
• There is only one annual sitting of the exam. It is always the first Saturday in June.
• The candidate must apply for Student/Registry Eligible Membership and have paid the student dues, a minimum of 6 months prior to the exam. The student member has up to three years to make the first attempt at the registry exam as long as he/she remains a student member in good standing every year (i.e. paid the annual membership dues).
• The student member must accrue 1800 hours of experience in the Cath or Pulmonary Function Lab prior to challenging the exam. The student can be exempt from these hours if he/she has completed a Cardiovascular or Pulmonary Program.
• The student member must pay the $200.00 exam fee no later than one month prior to the exam date.