Introduction To CACPT National Registry Examination

The National Registry Examination is provided by the Canadian Association of Cardio-Pulmonary Technologists (CACPT) for candidates who wish to become a Registered Cardio-Pulmonary Technologist in either the field of Pulmonary Function Testing or the field of Cardiovascular Technology or both.  This registration is intended to provide the specialized skills needed to perform the diagnostic and therapeutic procedures used for investigation and treatment of pulmonary and cardiovascular disorders. 

The National Registry examination is a four hour exam, which contains multiple choice questions, short answer questions and calculations.  The examination has annual sittings across Canada at different sites depending on where the candidate resides. 

Upon successfully challenging the National Registry Examination AND paying the $160.00 annual membership dues to the CACPT, the member may then use the designation awarded by the CACPT as RCPT(P), RCPT(C) or RCPT(PC) – Registered Cardio-Pulmonary Technology in the field of Pulmonary Function or Cardiovascular or both.  Member will be provided a membership card upon payment of the dues.  Dues must be paid annually in order to be a member in good standing and to continue to use the RCPT(P), RCPT(C) or RCPT(PC) designations.