Eligibility Criteria for CACPT Spirometry Certification

Examination Date: September 28, 2020

Application Deadline Date:  June 18, 2020

Cancellation Date:  September 11, 2020 for full refund

Eligibility Criteria for Spirometry Certification

Part A

  • Must be employed in a facility where Spirometry testing is routinely performed.
  • Have some knowledge of medical terminology and procedures
  • Must be working with other trained individuals or under the supervision of a physician(s) who is able to interpret the spirometry results.

Part B

Option 1

  • Completed a Spirometry course * approved by CACPT within the past thirty-six (36) months.  If the course was taken more than 36 months ago please contact spirometry@cacpt.ca.  It is not necessary to submit any Spirometry examples as this would have already been done for the course.


Option 2 

  • Received at least three (3) months of on the job Spirometry Testing Training.  The qualified preceptor must be a physician or RRT or Registered with the CACPT- (RCPT(P), or allied health professional who are currently active in Spirometry testing.  For more clarification on what is a “qualified preceptor” contact  spirometry@cacpt.ca
  • Submit seven (7) Spirometry Examples performed by the applicant under the supervision of a qualified preceptor.  All examples and supporting data will be evaluated by the CACPT Spirometry Committee.  See Spirometry Examples Requirement Section via button below.

*Current approved Spirometry Course by CACPT:

RespTrec-Spirometry Course by the Lung Association of Saskatchewan.